Friday, May 30, 2008

Dear Grandma

I've just been thinking about you alot lately....I miss you. I know you are having a great time in heaven but sometimes I just want you back. It still doesn't seem real that you are not here. I don't want to forget anything about you. I don't want Eric to forget you. The other day he asked me to sing Beautiful and as I sang it I could here your wonderful voice singing along with me.
I was watching a show tonight about this Italian girl who had her Italian grandam with her. Her grandma kept trying to feed all the people around her breakfast and it just reminded me of you, always making sure everyone was taken care of and most of all, fed:-)

I'm so proud to be your grandaughter and be related to such a wonderful, strong women with such a kind, caring heart.

I love you

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day

I know Grandma isn't here but I wanted to wish her a Happy Mother's day anyway. I miss you Grandma and wish you were here to spend today with us! Happy MOther's day!You were a wonderful mother to all!