Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Peanut

I don't know if anyone looks at this blog anymore, but I check it about once a week. Grandma has been on my mind and heart so much lately. I think it's partially because I just had a baby and she loved babies so much that I know she would be holding him and helping as much as she could. She always called them her little peanuts. I never really thought I would remember something like that, but recently I started calling Gideon my little peanut and the memories came flooding back. Now it's such a special nickname to someday explain to him that Grandma Mary would have called him if he had the blessing of her in his life. It still makes me cry, but I will always sing "Beautiful" to him and him and Dayton will always know who Grandma Mary was and how special she will always be! She will always be a part of me and will always be apart of "my little peanuts" lives through stories, nicknames, and just the beautiful legacy she's left behind.
I love you so much, no way have you been forgotten, your memory lives on in our hearts!