Friday, April 4, 2008

Mothers day is coming

Yesterday I was thinking about mothers day. I've never had a mothers day without my mother. I've heard that all the 1st holidays is hard.
I was driving down to Kalispell one day, the rest of the car was sleeping and I was singing. I just started singing all the songs I could think of. Many of the scripture songs I grew up on. I like to keep them in my memory. Then I started singing beautiful. It's bad to cry and drive in the same time! That will always be a hard song to sing now, without crying.


Martha A. said...

I just have to remind myself that she is just rejoicing now that she has daughters that are going to follow her there

Jeannie Sasser said...

Joyce, I started writing the songs down. We should probably record them. I have over 200 of them now. Not all were mom's; many I learned in GS and at YMCA camp etc.

Jeannie Sasser said...

I don't think heaven is very far from us. through the woods or somewhere close. Wouldn't it be great if Mom wasn't really very far?